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Ultimate Guide to Tenant Screening

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Ultimate Guide to Tenant Screening

Always remember that owning an income property is owning a small business. You always want to make sure that before you enter into a long-term contract with someone, you’ve already done your homework!
This is the ultimate guide to tenant screening in BC.

Review Application

Further check on their application and find hints in the information
they provide.

One-on-one Interview

A personal interview can get you the feels on what they are likely
to be – once they’ve become your tenant.

References from past landlords

When you listen to their previous landlords carefully you’d know if they
are sad to see them go – , or – happy to say good bye!

Employment References

Give the letter of employment signatory – a quick call – to make sure the details
in their resumes are legit.

Credit Check

Even if you get a good feeling about them, you still need to do a credit check!

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