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Steps to Setting your Home up for Sale

17 Jul
Leo Chrenko July 17, 2021 0
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As most homeowners know, the home selling process isn’t an overnight transaction, and even though a home might be listed and sold in the blink of an eye, a lot goes into planning the staging and selling procedures for the home, we outlined some of the Steps to Setting your Home up for sale, especially since the real estate market is hot, more tot the point is the best time to sell.

Planning to sell a home takes work, and before you begin listing the home, these are some considerations to go over before putting your home on the market. 

Steps to Setting your Home up for Sale

  • Decide if your home will be marketed as vacant, homeowner-occupied or tenant-occupied 
  • If your home is vacant, the staging and selling of the home is a lot easier. 
  • If you’re residing at your home, think about ways to stage and show the home well. 
  • If a tenant will occupy your home during the listing period, think about the different steps you will take to work with the tenant. 

One of the first decisions you need to make is if your home will be vacant, homeowner-occupied, or tenant-occupied when listed for sale. 

Decision Factors for Managing the Occupancy Status of your Home when Listed for Sale 

  • Marketability of the Home 
    • Think about the homebuyer pool in the area and if the mix is primarily buyers looking for a primary residence 
    • If your home has a tenant and most buyers will be seeking a primary residence, the tenancy on your home may severely curtail the interest of these would-be buyers.
    • On the other hand, if your homebuyer pool has a healthy mix of investors and primary residence seekers alike, it may not make a substantial difference if your home is tenanted.

  • Disposition of your Tenant 
    • Think about how your tenant will react to the home being listed for sale
    • If you foresee your tenant being difficult with the sales process for the home, it may be better for you to try to work out an agreement with the tenant and perhaps give them compensation in return for voluntarily vacating the property

Once you have this decision in hand, it will affect your plans for marketing, showing, and completing the sale of a home. 


  • It goes without saying, but you’ll have the most grounds to stage and make sure the home is ready for sale and is available to show to the widest breadth of potential buyers. 
  • Completing the sale and having buyer purchasing subjects removed upon reasonable inspection of the home for financing or other reasons can also be easily arranged. 

You’ll be living at the home. 

  • You still have complete directive on how you’ll want to stage your home, notwithstanding making use of your furniture and making sure to declutter and perhaps put some personal items in storage. 
  • You can also be as flexible as possible with showings to ensure as many interested buyers get in to see the place as possible before the deadline for taking in offers. 
  • You can also accommodate home inspection dates to remove buyer purchasing subjects as part of completing the sale. 

Your property has a tenant. 

  • You will need to make sure to manage all showing times and appointments for professional photographs or cleaning with the tenant. 
  • Even if your tenant is nice it’s good to keep in perspective that your tenant has no stake in the sale, and you should work to take as much responsibility for staging the home as possible. 
  • Consistent showing times and giving advance notice of all appointments are also important if you want to minimize the disruption to your tenant. 
  • The last part of the puzzle is managing home inspection dates for buyer purchasing subjects such as financing, and these dates should be coordinated with the tenant. 

Preparing to list a home for sale can be an intensive process. Thinking through and having a plan of action before you even begin working with a realtor can at least give you peace of mind in knowing that you’ll be ready to accommodate whatever needs to be done to show the home and support the completion of a sale. 

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