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    Managing a Property in a Vacation Area

    21 Nov
    Leo Chrenko November 21, 2017 0
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    Let’s face it; self-managing a property in a vacation area is no picnic. It can be not only time-consuming but also quite stressful, if not downright daunting. You will have to find ways to attract guests, set a fair price, clean, renovate, and whatnot – the whole shebang.

    Tellingly, you need to hire a professional company to manage your property in a vacation area. But why is managing a vacation property so tricky?

    Problems Associated With Managing a Vacation Property

    Setting the Price Just Right

    If you don’t have reasonable experience managing a vacation property, setting a fair price can become a huge nightmare. Overpricing, on the one hand, can scare away budget guests and welcome lots of complaints from those who paid expecting something much more than you can offer. On the other hand, pricing your vacation property too low can make it seem like a low-quality stay.

    Getting Enough Bookings

    You need a continuous booking to turn a profit with your vacation rental property. After all, you are in it to make extra cash. The problem with vacation areas like Whistler is that booking rates can deep during offseason especially if you don’t have the right visibility.

    Obnoxious Guests

    Some guests misbehave when they are around. They party till wee hours of the morning. Some even play ridiculously loud music, irritating your neighbours.

    Damage to Property

    If you don’t screen the guest carefully, you will find yourself shelling out oodles of cash for repairs and replacement of damaged items.

    Problems Processing Reservations and Payments

    Managing a property in a vacation area means you handle lots of payments and reservations. What happens when a guest wants to change his or her reservation? Most vacation properties in neighbourhoods like Whistler have difficulty finding credible partners to process payments and reservation.

    Tips for Managing a Property in a Vacation Area

    Hire a Great Handyman

    You need someone who is not only skilled but also trustworthy to repair any damages. Someone who lives in the neighbourhood is a big plus.

    Find a Good Housekeeper

    A great housekeeper will take the hassle out of cleaning and tidy up the property.

    Spruce Up Your Marketing

    Use social media to spread the word about your property. Better yet, list your vacation property on websites like homeaway.com and bolldpm.com.

    Create a Fabulous Website

    The best way for guests to learn about your sizzling amenities, location, competitive pricing, and facilities is through your website. It should rich and elegant yet simple to navigate.

    Hire Professional Company to Manage Your Property

    Why go through all the trouble when you can hire a top-notch company like Bolld Management to take care of everything. They offer turnkey solutions for managing a property in a vacation area – from marketing to processing payments and everything in-between.

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