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Non Resident Tax Filing

  • Personal details

  • Please enter your email address. It is usually the most common way we communicate.
  • Please enter the mailing address where you (non resident) are staying. If you do not have one, we can add one later. If that is the case please enter the foreign country of residence below.
  • if you did not fill out the field above, please enter the foreign country of your residence.
  • Please enter your SIN number if you have one or foreign canadian tax identification number. If you do not have one contact Canada Revenue Agency to get one.
  • Property expenses

  • Please enter all property related expenses. The fields below are the typical expenses that are deductible. If any one does not apply to you, please enter N/A.
  • Please enter the interest only part of your mortgage payments. Please note, only interest is deductible for the income filing purposes.
  • Please enter anticipated cost of filing of your tax.
  • Please enter the anticipated annual cost of maintenance. It could be for example landscaping, window cleaning, exterior cleaning, pest control etc.
  • ExpenseAmount 
    Please enter any property related expenses you can think of.
  • Rental property details

  • Please enter the address or addresses of all rental properties that we will be remitting non resident tax for. Please enter one property per line.
  • Additional comments

  • Please enter any additional comments you fee we should be aware of.
  • I hereby confirm that all the information on this form was filled out truthfully to the best of my knowledge.
    I understand that Bolld Real Estate Management relies on this information and will not be responsible for any disputes or other dealings with the Canada Revenue Agency or other government authorities that arise as a result of misrepresentation of this information.
    I understand and agree that I am required to file my taxes by June 30 of each year and in case there is an existing NR6 application approved and I fail to file the taxes by June 30 or each year, Bolld Real Estate Management is authorized to withhold from rental income the difference between the remitted withholding tax and 25% of the gross rent collected from all my rental properties for the tax year from the time Bolld Real Estate Management starting acting as my agent for the purpose of filing/remitting Non Resident withholding tax.
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