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27 Mar

Myths roam about for potential renters everywhere. Local laws may prove to be true, but under the laws of British Columbia, there are specific rules about the eviction process, cost of rent, maintenance, and security deposits. BC has been still facing a housing problem, which has led to a rise in rentals. All the tenants must know their exact rights…

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06 Mar

A landlord is only able to increase your rent once every 12 months. The amount is the amount that is permitted by the current law or any additional amount that an arbitrator will decide. The landlord has to use the correct forms and they must give you three months notice before the increase can take effect. The Allowable Rent Increase…

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How to Pack Like a Pro for Moving

13 Feb

Packing to move can be a chore, but you can make things easier for you. It’s not a good idea to just randomly pack as this can lead to issues and you may break things once you unpack them at the new residence simply because you don’t know what is in the box. Here are a few packing tips you…

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The Ideal Home for You Based on Your Zodiac

20 Dec

Where is home for you? As a tenant, you will want to find your ideal home. Some people enjoy certain characteristics such as wood floors or marble countertops. Others look at practicality, like how will my house benefit my portfolio in future years. Rate This Post

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Changes to Residential Tenancy Act BC

06 Dec

On October 26, 2017, the B.C. government introduced changes to the Residential Tenancy Act related to the use of vacating clause in a fixed term residential tenancy agreement. It is a clause that requires the tenants to move out or sign a new lease at the end of a fixed term tenancy. The landlords will be no longer able to…

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How To Find A House to Rent

30 May

How many times have you encountered a scenario where you thought the house to rent was the perfect one for you until a couple of months down you faced a lot of problems? It was said that the City of Vancouver aims to have 5,000 new rental units built by 2021. Having these numbers in mind, what are you doing…

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