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SELLING TENANT OCCUPIED PROPERTY: 5 Ways to Make Selling Tenant Occupied Homes Easier

06 Jul

Your Guide to Selling Tenant Occupied Homes in BC Selling a tenant-occupied home is generally more difficult than selling an unoccupied home because you are dealing with people’s emotions around a threatened disruption of note. You’ll be bringing strangers into their home which will be disconcerting and inconvenient for them so you really need to get them on board with…

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5 Curb Appeal Ideas To Help You Sell Your Property Faster

12 Mar

If you’re thinking about selling your real estate property – whether it be residential or rental, you need to up your property’s curb appeal. This article will give you quick and inexpensive curb appeal ideas that will help you sell your home faster. It will also increase the value of not just your house, but also your neighborhood. What Is…

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5 Best Types of Properties You Can Invest Into In 2020

07 Mar

It is no secret that Real Estate is one of the best investment vehicles where you can put your money to achieve your financial goals. That is why a lot of people are attracted to this lucrative investment. But what is the best type of investment property out there? There are 5 types of investment property that many investors consider…

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Is Rental Property A Good Investment

01 Mar

A lot of aspiring investors are wondering, “Is rental property a good investment?” Like any investment vehicle, investing in real estate has risks. Especially if you don’t know what to look for in a property. Rental properties remain to be one of the best asset classes you can invest in. It’s an investment vehicle that can potentially bring you solid…

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