Is it Time to Sell Your Aging Real Estate Property? What are Your Options?

Owning a rental property that provides consistent monthly cash flows can be lucrative. Period returns from a rental property, coupled with the passive price appreciation of the property itself, make owning a rental property an attractive investment opportunity.   With the rental market stability in metro areas of a city, it can seem natural to continue … Read more

SELLING TENANT OCCUPIED PROPERTY: 5 Ways to Make Selling Tenant Occupied Homes Easier


Your Guide to Selling Tenant Occupied Homes in BC Selling a tenant-occupied home is generally more difficult than selling an unoccupied home because you are dealing with people’s emotions around a threatened disruption of note. You’ll be bringing strangers into their home which will be disconcerting and inconvenient for them so you really need to … Read more

SELLING TENANT OCCUPIED PROPERTY: How to Avoid Landlord – Tenant Conflict


TIPS TO PREVENT TENANT CONFLICT BEFORE IT OCCURS There are many reasons you as a landlord may want to sell a property that is still occupied by a tenant. Your tenant could be treating the property badly and ruining its future value, there may be a better opportunity for profit with another tenant or buyer, … Read more

Is Rental Property A Good Investment


A lot of aspiring investors are wondering, “Is rental property a good investment?” Like any investment vehicle, investing in real estate has risks. Especially if you don’t know what to look for in a property. Rental properties remain to be one of the best asset classes you can invest in. It’s an investment vehicle that … Read more