Selling a Tenant-Occupied Home

Many homeowners are unaware that Selling a tenant-occupied home is very different than selling a vacant home. Tenanted homes come with tenancy laws, and in British Columbia, the tenancy laws are strict in protecting tenants’ rights. If you or your real estate agent is unaware of these frequently changing laws and you fail to abide … Read more

Your Tax Responsibilities When Selling Your Home

home seller - tax responsibilities when selling your home or real estate investment

As a homeowner, one benefit of owning real estate is selling and profiting from your home’s price appreciation. In Vancouver real estate, it can be a lucrative investment. Selling your home isn’t tax-free, and the Canadian Revenue Agency will share in profits made. Let’s take a closer look at your tax responsibilities when selling your … Read more

Do you need a lawyer and are there legal fees when selling your home?

legal fees for buying a home

Is a lawyer required for selling a home? And are there any legal fees when selling your home? Understandably, hiring a lawyer by the hour doesn’t come cheap. Hence, you’ll want to verify whether it’s necessary to involve a lawyer when selling your home.  As with most types of transactions that include an enforceable contract, … Read more

Home Improvements that Add the Most Value to a House

Home improvements to add value to a home

Are you thinking about putting your home on the market? When putting your home on the market, you want to make sure that the time and money you’ll be spending on home improvements will be worth it. Before you sell, you might think that all those mini reno and repair projects you’ve been pushing off deserve … Read more

Why knowing your home’s value matters and how to price your home to sell

understanding your home's value, investing decision to buy, leverage, or exit your real estate investment

In the world of real estate, the one number that reigns supreme is the market value of your property. Knowing your home’s value can come in handy in many scenarios beyond deciding to sell and move house.  In particular, knowing your home’s value allows you to quickly assess when it’s suitable to borrow, trade, or … Read more

Is it Time to Sell Your Aging Real Estate Property? What are Your Options?

Owning a rental property that provides consistent monthly cash flows can be lucrative. Period returns from a rental property, coupled with the passive price appreciation of the property itself, make owning a rental property an attractive investment opportunity.   With the rental market stability in metro areas of a city, it can seem natural to continue … Read more

How to Sell Your Condo: 25 Tips for Selling Faster and For More Money


The prospect of homeownership can, in itself, be daunting. So can the prospect of selling your house when you determine the time is right to make a move. Selling your condo can prove to be an equal challenge, especially since there are certain rules that govern what you can and can’t do to spruce up … Read more

SELLING TENANT OCCUPIED PROPERTY: 5 Ways to Make Selling Tenant Occupied Homes Easier


Your Guide to Selling Tenant Occupied Homes in BC Selling a tenant-occupied home is generally more difficult than selling an unoccupied home because you are dealing with people’s emotions around a threatened disruption of note. You’ll be bringing strangers into their home which will be disconcerting and inconvenient for them so you really need to … Read more

SELLING TENANT OCCUPIED PROPERTY: How to Avoid Landlord – Tenant Conflict


TIPS TO PREVENT TENANT CONFLICT BEFORE IT OCCURS There are many reasons you as a landlord may want to sell a property that is still occupied by a tenant. Your tenant could be treating the property badly and ruining its future value, there may be a better opportunity for profit with another tenant or buyer, … Read more

5 Curb Appeal Ideas To Help You Sell Your Property Faster


If you’re thinking about selling your real estate property – whether it be residential or rental, you need to up your property’s curb appeal. This article will give you quick and inexpensive curb appeal ideas that will help you sell your home faster. It will also increase the value of not just your house, but … Read more

How to Calculate Capital Gains (and Tax) on Canadian Real Estate (2020)


One of the most famous real estate investment strategies in Canada is the “Buy and Hold” strategy. That means buying real estate properties then holding on to it until the property increases in value. Once it does, you sell it, and profit on the value increase. But did you know that your income from that … Read more