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End of Tenancy

20 Apr

You may not realize just how many essential procedures must be completed by a landlord at the End of tenancy. The goal here is to help landlords better understand these requirements, particularly where it comes to handling deposits and move-out inspections. The unfortunate reality of tenancy is that they don’t always end positively, meaning that they will end up in…

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How a Tenancy Ends

06 Apr

It is possible to end a tenancy without complication as long as all of the RTB processes are understood and followed correctly. The following explanations will provide more information about the forms that are used in the process of ending a tenancy. FIXED TERMS There are several important things to be aware of in relation to the ending of fixed…

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5 Tech Tools That Make a Landlord’s Life Easier

02 Apr

Nobody ever said becoming a landlord was easy, thats why we outlined below 5 tech tools for Landlords. Of course, the likelihood of passive income from property ownership appeals to many people. However, property management is not a passive activity. Aside from collecting rent regularly, you must also manage property repairs, vacancies, disputes, and emergencies. So something that will make…

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23 Mar

Serving Notices To Tenants Once you have found a tenant and a lease is signed for your property, you’ll need to know both your and your tenants’ rights. At some point, you will have to provide documentation to your tenants During tenancy. You may even have to take legal action. Proper documentation is important when starting any tenant/landlord relationship. Maintaining…

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Beginning a Tenancy

17 Mar

After a tenant has been chosen it is important that both of you communicate clearly to ensure that you and the tenant understand both your rights and your responsibilities and are therefore fully protected in the case of something going wrong. If something does go wrong, having this initial paperwork helps to ensure that the problem can be resolved. This…

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09 Mar

Making sure that you have a water-tight selection process for potential tenants is essential for any landlord. While parts of the process may vary from person to person, there are some elements of the selection process that every landlord needs to consider. These include; Applications PIPA The Human Rights Code Credit Checks References Tenant Application A fundamental part of finding…

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Formative Legislative Changes To Prevent Illegal Renovictions & Extend the Rent Increase Freeze

05 Mar

The landlord-tenant relationship can often be abused if proper legislative rules are not passed and practiced and this has been a common theme and motivator behind tenancy disputes that make news headlines. In one especially offsetting scenario, loopholes in the laws give less scrupulous landlords a certain edge of exercising their power through illegal renoviction and geographic rent hikes. Tenants…

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How to Sell Your Condo: 25 Tips for Selling Faster and For More Money

30 Jan

The prospect of homeownership can, in itself, be daunting. So can the prospect of selling your house when you determine the time is right to make a move. Selling your condo can prove to be an equal challenge, especially since there are certain rules that govern what you can and can’t do to spruce up your condo property. Fortunately for…

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5 Tips for Collecting a Security Deposit from Renters

29 Jan

1. Collecting a Security Deposit: Ensure that the Security Deposit is Part of the Rental Agreement Whether you own a large apartment building or a small duplex, make sure that you have a boilerplate rental agreement. Having a standard format with standard requirements will make any negotiation you may have with a potential tenant easier to manage and more quickly…

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Property Management from a Property Manager’s Perspective

31 Aug

There has been much written on BiggerPockets recently about property management – Do you use a professional property manager? Should you use a professional property manager? What do they do? Are they worth it? I’d like to discuss who we are as property managers, what property managers shouldoffer, and why I think property management services can be of huge benefit toreal…

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Main & Twentieth

28 Aug

New condo development – Main & Twentieth,byLanda Global Propertiesat 209 East 20th Avenue,Vancouver. The development was completed in 2020. Sales for available units range in price from $710,900 to $915,900.Main & Twentieth has a total of 42 units. Sizes range from 631 to 876 square feet. Main & Twentieth Details Website:landaglobal.com Building Address: 209 East 20th Avenue,Vancouver,BC Building Type:CondoOwnership:CondominiumSellingStatus:SellingSales Started:2018Construction…

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What you should know as a landlord about unpaid rent

28 Aug

During these challenging and often confusing times, many Canadians have struggled with the repayment plan. To address this crisis the government of British Columbia has set the rules on how to deal with the unpaid rent that every landlord should be familiar with. Here are the answers to the questions landlords have been asking: Can I end the tenancy for…

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Owner Occupied or Non Owner Occupied Rental Property

31 Jul

The Pros and Cons of Owner-occupied and Non-owner occupied Rentals Owner – occupied rental or non owner occupied rental? Investing in real estate has a range of great benefits. It is, classically, an investment. Along with text benefits and (hopefully) the property value steadily increasing, the idea of investing in a property has a wide appeal. Before doing so, it’s…

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Top 5 Things to Check When Conducting A Final Walk-Through

28 Jul

The Final Walk-Through Checklist for Homebuyers When purchasing a new house, you want to make sure everything is perfect. It is a big decision and a very long-term investment. It is important to conduct a Final walk-through of your potential new home and check for any factors that may lead you to have a hard life while living there. This…

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25 Jul

Tips Before Buying a Rental Property If you are in the market for buying a house for yourself or to turn into your own property for rent or sale, there are factors that can change the process. Houses with tenants are one of those factors. Consider some of these tips before you attempt to buy a tenant-occupied house. I. RIGHTS…

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Considerations to Make Before Investing in Property

22 Jul

5 Factors to Consider Before Investing in Property There are a multiplicity of reasons people might invest in property: cash flow, tax deductions, real estate leverage, and hopefully, a steady increase in the property’s value. Below are 5 things to consider before making the move. I. Are you going to be settled? This one doesn’t apply to those of you…

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18 Jul

Owning and Running a Rental Property There seems to be an ongoing conversation about how owning and running a rental is a great way to invest money. And really, what is not to like about it? You invest in something that you rent out and it practically pays for itself. Indeed, owning real estate to rent out remains a great…

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15 Jul

Understanding the realities of becoming a landlord YOUR GUIDE TO INVESTMENT PROPERTY. There are lots of things to like about being a landlord. After all, what is better than owning property and having that property provide you an income? Indeed, this is something that a lot of people aspire to but while you are busy dreaming, there are some realities…

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