25 Jun

Property tax is due this July 2018. The important dates for your property taxes depend on where your property is located: Tuesday, July 3, 2018 Richmond Whistler Surrey Coquitlam New Westminster Tsawwassen Port Coquitlam Port Moody Langley Wednesday, July 4, 2018 Vancouver Burnaby If you do not pay your taxes and any late-payment penalties in the current tax year, your…

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Vancouver rents stop growing…

12 Jun

Vancouver rents stop growing, listings spike amid new taxes and renter protections: data The cost to rent a unit across Vancouver hasn’t exactly dropped, but it hasn’t grown much over the past three months, either. The latest report shows that rent prices have “flatlined since March” for most types of rental units. Click here to read more. Rate This Post

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Everything You Want On A Silver Platter At Epic At West

27 May

Ever dreamed of living in a place that communes you to both nature and contemporary lifestyle? The buzz is on at Epic at West being the latest development at the side of breathtaking Vancouver, Southeast False Creek, that bringing everything you need for a lifestyle upgrade and vibrant, endless possibilities. Rate This Post

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New Tax Law For Canadians With BC Vacation Homes

10 Mar

Early this year, British Columbia rolled out a new property tax. But this property tax isn’t singling out the local BC population, but actually out-of-province owners instead. Indeed, the government plans to tax vacation homes where the government is expected to send big bills to those properties. The reason this has come about was due to this years budget. Specifically…

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