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What are the Best Investing Strategies to Implement to Earn $5000 a Month in Passive Income?

26 May

Investing is becoming significantly popular, and you would certainly be missing out by not even considering the amount you could benefit from it, we would love for you to take notes of the following Strategies. We will be discussing strategies that many of the professionals use, so you certainly won’t want to miss out on this one. Keep reading to…

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07 May

Supply response emerges, in Metro Vancouver’s active housing market Home sellers have become increasingly active in Metro Vancouver’s* housing market this spring in response to heightened demand and rising home values that have materialized during the pandemic. The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) reports that residential home sales in the region totalled 4,908 in April 2021, a 342.6…

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Home Renovations Whether You’re Buying, Selling, Renting, or Moving In

23 Apr

Home Renovations can be a daunting prospect regardless of whether you are just diving into the world of fixer-uppers or plan to rehab a rundown old home for personal use. You should also be aware of permits, demolition, and whether to paint or install flooring or replace windows first. Additionally, you should take precautions against theft, vandalism, and others. A…

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Why You Should Always Give Yearly Rental Inspections

21 Apr

You get lots of questions like “What’s it like?” and “Tell me a crazy landlord story.” If you’ve been a landlord for a long time, you’ve probably got some funny, inspiring, crazy, and educational stories to tell regarding Rental inspections. In the project called The Landlord Chronicles, Chad Gallagher and Matt Faircloth have assembled a bunch of stories told by…

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02 Apr

In March, Metro Vancouver experienced unprecedented levels of home buyer and seller activity. Let’s go over the Real Estate Market Rental Report of March. According to the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV), residential home sales in the area totaled 5,708 in March 2021, a 126.1 percent improvement over the 2,524 sales reported in March 2020 and a 53.2%…

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Why is Burquitlam Red hot for real estate?

02 Mar

Burquitlam is a neighborhood located on the boundary of Coquitlam and Burnaby, and its exponential growth has been underpinned by the development of the Evergreen Skytrain line. It’s easy to access to Hwy 1 makes it a natural selection for homeowners looking for a bigger return on their investment dollar. As the community and general public manage the covid situation,…

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Is the Most Affordable Real Estate Investment in Metro Vancouver also the Most Profitable?

07 Feb

I would describe myself as a sceptical investor. It usually takes a lot of research before I am convinced. Surrey real estate convinced me. Surrey properties are currently the most affordable real estate investment in Metro Vancouver. We have been looking after a number of properties in Surrey and the prospect of owning a brand new condo in Metro Vancouver…

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January 2021 Vancouver Real Estate Market Report

06 Feb

The Vancouver real estate market is growing according to the sales prediction made by the R.E. Association The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV) reports that residentialhomesales in the region totalled 2,389inJanuary 2021, a52.1% increasefrom the1,571sales recorded inJanuary 2020 anda22.76per centdecreasefrom the3,128homes sold inDecember 2020. The B.C. Real Estate Association has just forecast sales for 2021 that are the…

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5 Tips for Collecting a Security Deposit from Renters

29 Jan

1. Collecting a Security Deposit: Ensure that the Security Deposit is Part of the Rental Agreement Whether you own a large apartment building or a small duplex, make sure that you have a boilerplate rental agreement. Having a standard format with standard requirements will make any negotiation you may have with a potential tenant easier to manage and more quickly…

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28 Aug

Habitat is a new condo developmentbyPorte Communities,Hudson Morrisandfabric livingcurrently in preconstruction at 2520 Guelph Street,Vancouver. The development is scheduled for completion in 2022.Habitat has a total of 70 units. Habitat Details Website: lifeathabitat.comBuilding Address: 2520 Guelph Street, Vancouver, BC Building Type: CondoOwnership: CondominiumSelling Status:  Registration Sales Started: 2018Construction Status:  Preconstruction Construction Started: Winter/Spring 2021 Estimated Completion: Fall/Winter 2022Builder(s): Porte Communities , Hudson Morris and fabric living Architect(s):  FormosisCeilings: –Interior Designer(s): Cristina…

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Main & Twentieth

28 Aug

New condo development – Main & Twentieth,byLanda Global Propertiesat 209 East 20th Avenue,Vancouver. The development was completed in 2020. Sales for available units range in price from $710,900 to $915,900.Main & Twentieth has a total of 42 units. Sizes range from 631 to 876 square feet. Main & Twentieth Details Website:landaglobal.com Building Address: 209 East 20th Avenue,Vancouver,BC Building Type:CondoOwnership:CondominiumSellingStatus:SellingSales Started:2018Construction…

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25 Jul

Tips Before Buying a Rental Property If you are in the market for buying a house for yourself or to turn into your own property for rent or sale, there are factors that can change the process. Houses with tenants are one of those factors. Consider some of these tips before you attempt to buy a tenant-occupied house. I. RIGHTS…

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18 Jul

Owning and Running a Rental Property There seems to be an ongoing conversation about how owning and running a rental is a great way to invest money. And really, what is not to like about it? You invest in something that you rent out and it practically pays for itself. Indeed, owning real estate to rent out remains a great…

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15 Jul

Understanding the realities of becoming a landlord YOUR GUIDE TO INVESTMENT PROPERTY. There are lots of things to like about being a landlord. After all, what is better than owning property and having that property provide you an income? Indeed, this is something that a lot of people aspire to but while you are busy dreaming, there are some realities…

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5 Good Reasons to Invest in Real Estate in 2020

12 Jul

Vancouver Real Estate is still the best investment today! Despite a bumpy 2019 for the housing market in Vancouver followed by a very challenging start to 2020, the housing market prospects are looking surprisingly good. It is, in fact an excellent time to buy. It’s a buyer’s market, rates are stable and there are attractive incentives for buyers looking to…

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5 Big Home Improvements that Add to Resale Value

09 Jul

Here are the top 5 home updates that will add to resale value Sprucing up your home in order to boost its value is a wise investment, and just like restoring vehicles, can lead to a profitable payoff when you are ready to move. These 5 improvements are popular in the market right now, and well worth the investment of…

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SELLING TENANT OCCUPIED PROPERTY: 5 Ways to Make Selling Tenant Occupied Homes Easier

06 Jul

Your Guide to Selling Tenant Occupied Homes in BC Selling a tenant-occupied home is generally more difficult than selling an unoccupied home because you are dealing with people’s emotions around a threatened disruption of note. You’ll be bringing strangers into their home which will be disconcerting and inconvenient for them so you really need to get them on board with…

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Condo Crisis? Analyst warns of massive Metro Vancouver presale drop-off

30 Jun

Real estate market analyst is calling attention to the plummeting condo and townhouse presales For a while, BC’s condo market future was burning bright. Now, it would seem that the fire has been extinguished. An ABC real estate market analyst is calling attention to the plummeting condo and townhouse presales. The feeling that something was happening was palpable but they…

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