The Ultimate Guide to Being a Good Property Manager


Property is hot. Especially in Vancouver. The stock market is all over the place; interest rates are still very low. And for these reasons so many people are looking to buy into real estate and buy a lot of it. If you are one of these new property investors, who has bought one, two, or … Read more

Featured Development – One Burrard Place

Each week we feature a new development property in the Greater Vancouver area. ONE BURRARD PLACE Covering a whole city block at the base of the Burrard bridge in downtown Vancouver, Burrard place is a new condo development being built by Reliance Properties and Jim Pattison Developments. The current status is pre-construction and is expected … Read more

The State of Vancouver Real Estate (infographic)


Some say it’s a bubble, others say there’s still tons of upside potential, either way,  the Vancouver real estate market is without a doubt, unique. Whether you think rising interest rates will begin a correction, or you believe that the falling of the Canadian dollar will further fuel foreign investors to buy property in Vancouver, … Read more

Using a Property Manager For Your Investment Property vs. Airbnb


You’re thinking of buying an investment property, and you’re asking yourself, is this something I can manage on my own or do I need help? Which today often means, do I want to use a property management company or list it myself on Airbnb? Ever since Airbnb moved from being a place for wayward backpackers … Read more

How to find a good rental Property


HOW TO FIND A GOOD RENTAL PROPERTYBuying rental properties could be a good financial move to make and an excellent choice to take since it’s one of the fastest and most secure way to build wealth. However, as in most real estate investment, a lot of hard work and supreme patience must be invested in … Read more

Downtown Vancouver BC Property Management


Bolld Property Management Professional and reliable rental management services in Downtown vancouver bc.we are based in downtown Vancouver BC. Initially we would meet with you at your convenience to discuss your plans for the use your your property. To serve you better we need to understand what are your expectations and how often are you … Read more

The Cost of a Tenant Turnover


Landlords will agree with me that most of the temporary vacancies are caused by the tenant turnover. Tenant turnover is basically the time between on tenant moves out and the other one moves in. This is not an issue if you manage to place a tenant at the same time when the previous tenant is … Read more

Choosing the right place

Identify what your needs are: How flexible are you about where you want to live? normally, your rental choices are restricted to whatever is available in that area and what is also affordable. There may be things you will have to compromise. Like, do you need to have public transit within a short walk of … Read more

Where to look for a home?

General sources Newspapers servicing your search area, including free ethnic papers and community papers. Free publications, often found in local retail stores,that publish rental accommodation ads. Check bulletin board postings at libraries, community centers, grocery stores, laundry mats and places of worship. Word of mouth. For students, campus housing offices. Check with local real estate … Read more

Tenancy Agreement

Tenancy agreement residential tenancy branch (rtb), ministry of public safety and solicitor general name of act / regulations residential tenancy act (rta) residential tenancy regulation manufactured home park tenancy act (mhpta) manufactured home park tenancy regulation exclusions from the above acts/ regulations types of rental periods the residential tenancy agreement can be set for a fixed term … Read more


Inspections Permitting Landlord Access to the Premises (Times and Reasons) Landlords must give a minimum of 24-hours up to a maximum of 30days written notice stating the time and purpose of entry, unless either the tenant agrees to allow the landlord access or there is an emergency. Non-emergency entry is allowed between 8a.m. and 9p.m. … Read more

Evaluating a Tenant

Evaluating prospective tenants Finding the best tenant can be offset by the need to have the premises rented within a certain amount of time. While the time to show the unit, review applications and complete background checks may be limited, a hasty decision could cost you money in the long run. If the wrong tenant … Read more