How to Pack Lighter And Smarter

12 Apr

In this modern era of constant security checks when flying anywhere, although it may not be true that there are only two types of baggage, carry-on and lost, it certainly is true that more baggage you do travel with, the more troublesome your baggage becomes. It is certainly possible your baggage could be lost. Therefore it is always advisable to…

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Landlord or Tenant: Who is responsible for bed bugs?

10 Apr

Nobody is fond of bed bugs. Many people get creeped out because they can literally come from the bed into our skin to wreak havoc. These are parasites that are common everywhere. This isn’t a problem in undeveloped countries, but right here in your home. When it comes to a rented home, landlords should know that it isn’t because the…

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06 Mar

A landlord is only able to increase your rent once every 12 months. The amount is the amount that is permitted by the current law or any additional amount that an arbitrator will decide. The landlord has to use the correct forms and they must give you three months notice before the increase can take effect. The Allowable Rent Increase…

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How To Be a Successful Landlord

23 Jan

If you are on the road to becoming a successful landlord, then here are a few things that you should consider doing consistently to become a successful landlord: Run Your Property as a Business Don’t treat your property as your personal bank account, run it like a business with its own bank account, profit and loss and contingency funds. You…

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Terminating a Tenancy

11 Oct

Prior to ending a fixed term tenancy, it is the responsibility of the landlord and tenant to either re-negotiate the terms of the rental agreement or to terminate the tenancy agreement upon its end date. Rate This Post

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How To Find A House to Rent

30 May

How many times have you encountered a scenario where you thought the house to rent was the perfect one for you until a couple of months down you faced a lot of problems? It was said that the City of Vancouver aims to have 5,000 new rental units built by 2021. Having these numbers in mind, what are you doing…

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Minimizing Tenant Turnover Expenses

15 Dec

 When you decide to manage all the day-in-day-out aspects that come with owning an investment property you will no doubt digest every bit of information you can find on getting the right tenants. How to screen them and check the details of their application. And ways to make sure you are kicking off a great landlord-tenant relationship. This is exactly…

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The Things You Need Your Tenants to Know

01 Dec

When you decide to invest in an income property there is often a learning curve involved and usually, most new investors will go about attacking that curve with gusto! It’s a new and exciting adventure and most folks who decide to get into real estate, develop an instant passion for it. Of course, the same cannot be said for tenants….

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The Expenses New Real Estate Investors Forget to Plan For

23 Nov

Buying real estate as an investment is really exciting. There are so many opportunities to invest your money in solid properties that if managed properly can provide you with a steady stream of rental income and eventually provide a larger cash infusion when the property is sold! And with so many television programs reveling in the thrill of the chase,…

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Ultimate Guide to Tenant Screening

03 Nov

Ultimate Guide to Tenant Screening Always remember that owning an income property is owning a small business. You always want to make sure that before you enter into a long-term contract with someone, you’ve already done your homework! This is the ultimate guide to tenant screening in BC. Review Application Further check on their application and find hints in the information they provide….

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Benefits of Using a Property Management Company

05 Oct

Any smart real estate investor will tell you that a reliable management company an essential tool in making investments as profitable as possible. As the leading Vancouver property management company, Bolld Real Estate Management is here to maximize your investment’s earning potential. We take pride in specializing in residential rental property management services, which includes services such as: Free…

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Will the Bubble Ever Burst? Vancouver’s Real-Estate Market

19 May

The old Mark Twain line goes, buy land because they’re not making it anymore. Of course some land purchases are always going to cost you more than others. Simply because there are always going to be lots of people who all want to live in the same small selection of postal codes. And Vancouver is just such a place….

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Featured Development – Block 100

21 Feb

Each week we feature a new development property in the Greater Vancouver area. BLOCK 100 Located on the 100 block of East 1st Avenue, Block 100 is a modern and centrally located in Southeast False Creek. Built by the Onni Group, Block 100 is made up of condominiums and townhouses that feature a variety of indoor and outdoor amenities as…

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Featured Development – Epic At West

20 Feb

Each week we feature a new development property in the Greater Vancouver area. Epic at west Epic at West is a brand new development in the heart of False Creek Village in Vancouver, BC. Epic at West is the final tower in the multi-phased development called Residences at West and is the much anticipated finale that has changed the face…

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The Ultimate Guide to Tenant Screening in BC

18 Feb

Finding the right tenant is a tough proposition. First you have to get people interested in your rental property, communicate with them and then turn them through their paces. Despite the additional workload, it’s extremely important that you engage in a thorough screening process for any of your prospective tenants. We’ve compiled this handy guide on how to properly screen…

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The Rental Walkthrough Checklist for Vancouverites

11 Feb

With the vacancy rate in Vancouver reaching the lowest it’s been since 2008 it’s tempting just to jump on the first rental property you find that seems half-way decent. That said, the only thing worse than not being able to find a rental that fits your needs is being stuck in a lease with a place that turns out to…

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