Many property managers work independently and basically compete against each other within the same company. At Bolld we work as a team. No matter who receives the rental inquiry,  maintenance request or strata notice, all members of our team will be notified. The property manager that is available, closest to the property or has the best expertise in the particular field will take care of the matter. We strongly believe that efficient property management is a team effort.

With proven, professional, and effective techniques, specializing in the marketing of rental properties, we strive to provide top quality service to our clients and tenants. We believe that the foundation of a good relationship between the owners, the tenants, and the property manager, is a well-maintained property and approachable, responsive managers. A lower ratio of properties per manager also allows us to give both your property and your tenant, the attention that they need.

Leo Chrenko Managing Broker of Bolld Real Estate Management

Leo Chrenko

President and Managing Broker

He is licensed, knowledgeable and experienced real estate broker in Vancouver and you’ll find him working out or cooking during his free time.

Leo advises all homeowners to let experienced property managers do all the work for them.

Angelica Frangolias Licensed Property Manager

Angelica Frangolias

Angelica is a licensed property manager who was born and raised in Vancouver.  Her passion for the housing market comes from hands on experience within her families’ privately owned properties growing up.


Bill Peterson

Leads the maintenance team and technically handles mostly any kind of maintenance concern raised by tenants.

Bill coordinates with Bolld Real Estate Management Team’s administrators to take care of every maintenance request brought up by clients.

Kelvin Li

Kelvin is a licensed property manager who specializes in leasing and marketing. He is a professional golfer and a multilingual. Kelvin specializes in Richmond and Vancouver Region Apartment and Single House Management.




Brandi Mori

Brandi Cooper

A rental property manager of Bolld Real Estate Management. She caters to prospective clients who would like to rent homes.

Organizes and schedules showings to interested tenants and arranges maintenance needs of home owners.

Elein Macam

Elein is one of our passionate property management administrators. She loves traveling and hiking during her free hours.

She provides great customer service online to potential and existing tenants.

Aerez Ann Saccuan

She is known as Analyn. Analyn is also one of our passionate property management administrators. She manages records and keeps it all up-to-date. Analyn loves her work so much that you might find her working six days a week. Analyn believes that excellence is the best customer service.

Delia Ma

Delia is one of our licensed property manager and realtors. She loves writing and hiking during her free time. She believes that better communication results in better decisions. She is a fluent Mandarin speaker and delivers integrated housing solutions.


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